El Lobo, a dark single origin Peruvian roast that we recommend for days in need of comfort. It has notes of  chocolate and nuts with earthy undertones.

An espresso as fierce as the chupacabra.

A dark brew with the strength of the mysterious wolf.

El Burro, a medium single origin Mexican roast that we recommend for drip or French Press. It has notes of milk chocolate and caramel with a light acidity.

We have our own house roasted organic coffee?

Did You Know?

Las Gatitas, this Swiss water decaf is a dark Peruvian single origin roast.  It has hints of dark chocolate, berries and a light lemon finish.

The brew that gives your daily grind a kick in the ass.

Chupacabra, our espresso roast is a blend of our Mexican & Peruvian beans. Also light in acidity it has a more chocolate and nut flavour with a fruity under tone.​

Doing things our way, since 2015.

A delicious decaf, as gentle as a pussycat.