Our kitchen space will include the usuals:

  • combi oven
  • convection ovens
  • induction range
  • prep tables
  • walk-in cooler
  • storage
  • dishwasher​

Other bonuses include, the possibility to sell your goods and wares on site in our café and retail shop, and if you're extra brave, take over the café and try your hand (and food) as a pop-up restaurant!

All prices we quote you include utilities, waste removal, general upkeep and any other items other kitchens sometimes charge you for (except key deposit).

We're excited to announce we are open and have space in the commissary!

If you require a commercial kitchen to prep your wares and want to be part of a fun group of like minded small business entrepenuers then you should come visit us! We're all about mutual business support. 

We do seem to be booking up fast though. If you are interested hit us up. There is still a full-time space available and a couple of part-time evening spots free.

What's Included

We're Live! (and we have space!)

Welcome to The Uncommonssary Info Page!

Commissary. Definition: "In the context of incarceration, a store for provisions available to inmates on occasion."